OzVenture 2021

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Oz Venture 2021!


Oz Venture is a unique experience for Venturer Scouts to make new friends, challenge themselves, and go on an unforgettable experience. Oz Venture is similar to Jamboree, but with more freedom and chances to do so much more. Even better it is centrally catered!

Oz Venture is split up into two phases: an expedition phase; and a core phase. In the expedition phase Venturers get to choose their own experience. These can be from snorkelling in Fiji, to bushwalking in the Blue Mountains and so many things in between. More information about the expedition phase can be found at https://www.ozventure2021.com.au/expedition/

The second phase is the core phase, where all of the Venture Scouts will come together in Sydney, NSW. Like jamboree, the Venturers will have the opportunity to choose from a list of onsite activities every day, as well as a set of off site local activities.

A shortened version of the two phases is below:

  • The Expedition Phase – Offering various experiences away from the Venture site. The expeditions vary in length and prices depending on what you decide.
  • The Core Phase – Offering on-site and local activities


Anyone who is an active member of Venturers on 26 December 2020 can attend. That is, you must be under 18 or have been completing year 12 in 2020. If in doubt, ask your Venturer leader to help you clarify your eligibility.

Cost and fundraising opportunities

The cost will vary depending on which expedition, but Venturer Scouts can expect the cost to be between $1,200 for local adventures and $3,000 for international adventures. The Venture Contingent Council intends to arrange a series of fundraising events for those who would like help funding their attendance. The first of these will be a sausage stand at the Multicultural Festival between 21 and 23 February. You can sign up for this specific fundraiser at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfljRNux7WlJ3bKHH4iVDK8ETQMis-_k4egNvZJ3qKKrDqbcg/viewform


The location of the core phase is kept a secret for now, but it is in Sydney near Wet n’ Wild. The expeditions will be held all over Australia, NZ and Fiji.

What you need to do

So you’re interested, right? The next step is to register on the https://www.ozventure2021.com.au website. You don’t need to pay up front, and it's how we’ll find out that you’re interested in coming along.