Venturers Online

General Rules

Youth Safety

Scouts ACT rules in relation to appropriate behavior and child and youth safety apply when interacting or scouting online. If you feel that you should report something or are unsure, you can speak to a member of the Venturer Team, the BVC Executive or call the Youth Protection Commissioner on (02) 6281-5023.

Noise etiquette

This refers to what is happening around you at the time of the meeting and muting your microphone at the appropriate times. For example, when leaving the room to discuss something with a family member, using the toilet, etc. Please remember, this is a place for everyone, treat it like any other meeting.

No video sharing or recording of members inside the meeting

If you record video or take screenshots, you will be removed from further online activities and may result in removal from Venturers. Respect the privacy of others. This rule is strict, and there are consequences in place for breaching any of the rules.

Chat will be monitored

Any inappropriate comments will be removed, and may result in a ban from the chat as well as future chats and online activities. Please also make sure you are being positive and not putting anyone down, this is unacceptable in any situation.

In video chats, Please allow for one person to speak at a time to limit confusion

During BVC meetings type into the chat that you want to speak BEFORE speaking. This way everyone will get a chance to speak without someone missing out. Respect each other, and don’t jump in till after they have spoken. Do not have a conversation over the top of another person to someone else. Unlike in face to face meetings a private conversation will be heard by everyone.

Each chat room will have an admin

If the admin tells you to do something you must follow. This is key in operating chat rooms, as this will greatly help if something goes wrong. Admins are also there to keep everything orderly and to get messages out quickly if needed.