Standing up

A Scouts ACT film festival

ACT Venturers are pleased to announce Standing Up - a Sunscreen event. ACT Venturers on behalf of Scouts ACT has been awarded a grant by ACT Health to run a film festival for all Scouts. The intended deadline for submissions is the end of Term 3 of 2021 and the festival to be run in October 2021.

Standing Up is a brand new film festival for every Section of Scouts. There are awesome prizes to be won in each Section! Teams of Youth from any Section are asked to submit short films of no more than five minutes containing the ‘signature’ Standing Up. Our goal is that these teams will have support from Leaders but be led by Youth.

Participating is easy. First off please express interest using this form, you then need to gather a group of Scouts, and start creating your film. Those who register and express interest will receive an information pack containing rules and guidelines. Each team has the option to participate in at least one workshop to enhance their knowledge of how to make a short film. There is also the option for groups to loan some filming equipment, however it is perfectly acceptable to use a phone.

Return here for more details soon!

Supported by ACT Health Directorate.