Pride in Diversity

An ACT Branch Venturer Council Initiative

A statement from the BVC Executive

The ACT Branch Venturer Council Executive stands with the LGBTQIA+ Community, and commits to continuous improvement of every member's experience within Scouting. We are committed to creating a better world for all.

Action being taken by BVC

The BVC Executive is not only standing in solidarity with the members of the LGBTQIA+ community, but is also committed to action.

You can follow our actions and progress below.

Actions for 2020

The following actions being taken by the BVC executive to show pride in our diverse community.

Normalising pronouns in email signature blocks

Progress and Commitment

The members of the BVC Executive have all put our pronouns in the signature block of our emails.

You can find a tutorial on how to do so here.

We encourage all members of Scouts ACT to add pronouns to their signature blocks.

Why normalising pronouns is important

Adding pronouns to a signature block is an easy way to show your support to our gender diverse community. Trans, Non-binary and gender diverse people often put their pronouns in their signature blocks and other descriptive texts (ie social media bios) to avoid being misgendered, as many people will assume gender based on names and outward appearances. Allies of the LGBTQIA+ community can add their pronouns to their signature block to normalise the practice, and to encourage an accepting community for everyone.

Proposals for policy changes

Commitment and Progress

BVC has written a letter to the Chief Commissioner requesting clear standards for the construction of future bathroom facilities, and putting in place policies for future events.

These changes to the policies will help to update and bring policies in line with the Chief Commisioner's Directive - Supporting Young People with Gender Identity Difference. The changes will also further align the current policies to diverse community within Scouting.

The letter has been sent to Rick Goode, the ACT Branch Commissioner, and can be viewed here. We are awaiting a response.

Future Proposals

BVC will propose amendments to the accomodation and sleeping arrangements policy and to also bring forward our reccomendations to the Chief Commissioner. A draft is currently being written.

BVC also intends to submit a proposal to update the Chief Commisioner's Directive - Supporting Young People with Gender Identity Difference in order to ensure that the Directive is as comprehensive as possible, and provides clear directives and action to both groups and individuals.  

Resources for youth members

For LGBTQIA+ youth members, friends and families

The BVC have compiled a short list of resources aimed towards LGBTQIA+ youth members and their friends and families. This is to give questioning youth members a neutral place to have their questions answered, to deepen the knowledge of the general community, and to foster a safe and inclusive community for all in the Venturer section.

We will also be distributing two booklets to each venturer unit. They are made by minus18 and are designed for young people, and are focused on gender identity and sexual orentation. These have been priced, and are soon to be ordered.

The PDF copies of these booklets are avalible below. 

List of online resources:

(These resourses also provide contacts for community based organisations, if you wish to speak to someone in the wider community outside of scouting.)