LGBTIQA+ Inclusion

The need for Venturers to be inclusive of LGBTIQA+ people

ACT Venturers seeks to be inclusive of all people, however the LGBTIQA+ community has historically required additional support to participate in Scouting activities.

Some reasons for this include: the generally higher requirement for mental health support in this community; the higher risk of homelessness and domestic violence experienced by this community; and a historic failure to provide inclusive accomodation and abultion facilities.

Remember if you are over 18, you have a clear obligation to report any sexual abuse you are made aware of. For assistance, contact the youth protection team.

For support

The ACT Venturer Team is here to support all members of Scouting in being inclusive of LGBTIQA+ people. However, if you find yourself in need of additional supports, the following resources might be of assistance:

Supporting references